Mar 30 2012

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Budget Talk With Jay Jacobs & Charlie King

We recieved this email regarding budget news in Albany. Enjoy!

Dear Fellow Democrat,

We had some important news coming out of Albany on Tuesday. Governor Cuomo, Speaker Silver and Majority Leader Skelos announced an agreement on a landmark budget for 2012-2013. The Legislature has been passing the bills and we are on course for an on-time or early budget.  The budget builds on the Governor’s record of fiscal responsibility by closing a multi-billion dollar deficit with no new taxes, fees or gimmicks. For the second year in a row, the budget holds growth to two percent or below.  The cornerstone of the budget is the Governor’s blueprint for economic growth and job creation in our state, the New York Works program. Key components of the program include:

  • A $15 billion initiative to invest in the state’s infrastructure and create tens of thousands of jobs; this fund will leverage an array of funding sources and uses only $743 million in new state appropriations;
  • A second round of funding for the Regional Economic Development Councils to support job development  efforts throughout the 10 regions of the state;
  • The first phase of a multi-year $1 billion economic development package for Buffalo;
  • Initial funding for planning of an energy highway to facilitate billions of dollars in private sector investments and ensure the availability of energy across the state; and
  • An expansion of the Governor’s NY SUNY 2020 program to increase the quality of education for our students and ensure our university system becomes a driver of economic development and jobs.

The budget also brings help to our local governments and school districts throughout the state. It contains the four percent increase in education that the Governor pledged for this year, including a $125 million appropriation for a competitive education performance grant program to facilitate student achievement and school accountability. The costs of Medicaid growth will be assumed by the state on a phased in basis and will save counties and New York City $1.2 billion over five years. This follows the historic pension reform enacted last week that will save the state, local governments and school districts $80 billion over the next 30 years. Furthermore, the Governor’s budget makes important investments to build and protect our local communities. Among a few of the highlights are:

  • A first-of-its kind Office of New Americans to help legal residents prosper in their community and in the business world;
  • Continuation of the reforms to the juvenile justice system started last year to reduce crime and promote healthy lives for young people;
  • A 10% increase in public assistance, as well as the preservation of child care subsidies for low-income working families;
  • Mortgage foreclosure counseling services to help New Yorkers keep their homes; and
  • Greater funding for community colleges to give students the opportunities they deserve.

Click here to learn more about the budget agreement. This is a budget that all New Yorkers can stand behind and is an important next step in fulfilling the Governor’s promise to build a new New York. Again we congratulate the Governor and the Legislature for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the people of New York. We thank you for all that you do for the Democratic Party and for helping to make these successes possible.

Thank you,
Jay Jacobs and Charlie King


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