Feb 10 2012

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Lancman Passes First Bill In Congress

The Lancman Law protects American Journalists from foreign libel suits.

He’s just a state Assemblyman, but he’s already making waves in Washington D.C.

Rory Lancman co-authored the Libel Terrorism Bill, which passed the state legislature and now protects journalists who report on terrorism from trumped-up libel lawsuits across the world.

But now the law has been federally enshrined by the Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act, otherwise known as the Speech Act and Rory’s help is getting serious recognition in the new book, “You Can’t Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom.”

British Journalists are calling Rory a hero, urging Parliament to take a cue and pass a similar bill. In the meantime Rory is having a little victory dance of his own. This morning on his Facebook, he proudly announced his mention,

“Already passed my 1st bill in congress: “British Journalist Cheers Lancman’s NY Libel Law” http://t.co/FiIxoKIo #NY09


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