Feb 29 2012

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Avella Wishes For Diluted Democracy

Do as I say and not as I do.

In a highly publicized letter, state Sen. Tony Avella laments the public address, demands gag order for his colleagues.

At Queens-Politics, we advocate for transparent politics and accountability in public affairs.  Unfortunately, we live in this crestfallen reality where activists must  literally drag people to the polls because most people just don’t care.

At a time when we need to reach out to the voters, is it best to disengage the electorate anymore with a harsh criticism of politico speak? What will your colleagues think?

State of addresses generally aren’t the Gettysburg Address, but it keeps voters conscious by opening a window to see what their elected official has in store for an agenda. Without a state of address, a politician can put together his or her platform piecemeal (a press release here and a buried statement there) or throw it on a website that is rarely updated.

If your motive is to close the dissonance between campaign rhetoric and political efficacy, banning or limiting political speech is not an ideal starting point.

State of addresses should be mandatory because it gives the voters a heads up of the agenda and it’s the best chance we have to uphold a measure of accountable for what is said up there.

Sure they’ll stomp at the bullypulpit,  perform a little theatre maybe beat their chest, but in the end we can see our tax dollars and our votes working for us.


…Recently, in New York City, we have seen the City Council Speaker, City Comptroller and Borough Presidents all host their own addresses.  It is ridiculous and a complete waste of time and money to set up these events that often seem like campaign speeches without the banners and adoring supporters. 

The shameless self-promotion and grandstanding needs to end.  Our City and State face great challenges that deserve our undivided attention. All these self aggrandizing speeches really only serve to beg the question that with all of these great ideas and accomplishments by these politicians, why do we still face such serious problems?     


Tony Avella

State Senator

11th Senatorial District



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