Lancman Battles Education Cuts

Lancman steps up to the plate to rescue Beacon programs from doomsday budget cuts.

Assemblyman Lancman writes  to Commissioner Jeanne Mullgrav to express concern regarding the possible elimination of Beacon programs for the youth of his district. Queens-Politics is curious, of all the cuts in all the world, why are critical education and after school programs even considered for the chopping block? Luckily the students and parents of the 25th A.D have Rory as an advocate in their corner. Stay tuned for the follow up.

Statement from Rory Lancman: “The proposed elimination of the Parsons and Samuel Field Beacon after-school programs is very troubling to me and to parents across the district. These programs are not merely childcare services – they are engaging programs that provide educational support and character development for over 2,200 students in the area. Numerous studies demonstrate that after-school programs can improve classroom achievement, test scores, school attendance, student behavior, and can help close the achievement gap. These programs are essential to the success of students in my area, and I urge that neither Beacon be shuttered.”




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