Avella Calls on Cuomo to Reject Fracking

State Senator Tony Avella, an environmental hero stands with local officials to voice opposition to hydrofracking in New York State.

Senator Tony Avella, author of Senate Bill No. 4220 which would prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing in the process of drilling for natural gas and/or oil in New York State said,

“We simply cannot create a situation where we put our citizens at great risk from an environmental disaster by rushing to find an expedient solution to the high cost of oil and the economic hardships faced by our state. The risk of catastrophic danger to the environment, the health of New York State residents and adverse economic impacts that result from hydraulic fracturing far outweigh the potential for job creation and promotion of a natural gas alternative to oil.  I urge the DEC and the Governor to pause in their deliberations and take full measure of the risks versus the benefits of this ‘gold rush’ industry and make the right decision for this state for generations to come.

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