Nov 03 2011

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Robbed At The Muni-Meter

From http://www.vosizneias.com/51108/2010/03/11/new-york-ny-its-true-walking-to-muni-meter-to-pay-for-parking-can-get-you-a-ticket/ Be careful, a muni-meter can steal your money.

Say goodbye to the parking meter, muni-meters will soon replace every single one of the old fashioned coin-style models.

Paying for parking is a  terrible fact of life. In many parts of Queens the infrastructure for convenient public transportation doesn’t exist, so people take to their cars to zip around town. Yes it raises a host of environmental issues, but the City already decided to replace them. Muni-meters provide 20% more spaces than their iron predecessor and increase revenue for the City.

Muni meters have a Dummy Feature. What’s a Dummy Feature? If the meter is no longer in effect, say after 7PM or 10PM,  it will still take your money. There’s no stop mechanism in the meter stand. It’s like a software glitch. If it’s 10 minutes to cutoff, the kiosk will continue to over-clock past the posted time and eat your change. In other words, if metered parking stops at 10PM, you could pay for 11pm or 12AM, and the kiosk won’t inform you. It’s like a tourist trap, especially when the signs are halfway down the block.

Munimeters should cut off in accordance with the signs that are posted.

You can demand reimbursement of your 50 cents from Mayor Bloomberg, but currently a refund process does not exist, nor is it worth the postage. Surely the City is making some money on it, but to what extent do we bleed the people?

Google "Munimeter," and former 24th Assembly District Candidate Bob "Fearsome" Friedrich pops up #2. Fearsome guaranteed an hour of free parking for all said the website. Where were you Bob when my meter ran out on Bell!? Probably trying to annex yourself into CB11. Friedrich who is not exactly known for his diplomatic skills may need to read up on parliamentary etiquette. He lost to Mark Weprin by a wide margin.


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