Nov 04 2011

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‘King’ of Queens Gives Neighbors A Headache

In Auburndale there is no King and if there was we wouldn't endorse the owner of Star Nissan. Someone tell the Courier we will not be reduced to a bunch of peasants.

The Queens Courier, owned by Vicki Schneps, dubbed John Koufakis, Sr. as a ‘King’ of Queens.

What were they thinking?

The event is said to recognize Queens’ most influential men in business, or those that have been terrorizing a community for a decade.

Koufakis is the owner of Star Auto Group, the same company that has been menacing the residents of Auburndale for ten years.

Rhea O’ Gorman, President of the Station Road Civic Association held a protest  by Terrace on the Park where the Courier news group hosted the event to honor the dubious ‘Kings’ of Queens.

Who’s missing in the list? Practically everyone who makes a difference in northeast Queens. To see some of the other ‘Kings’ click here.

Residents are considering a boycott of the Queens Courier.

Read the letter below,

Dear Sirs:

The Queens Courier bestowed the honor of “King of Queens” upon John
Koufakis, Sr., owner of the Star Auto group today in part because he is
a successful businessman.

He is, however, not the king of Auburndale or Bayside where his Toyota,
Nissan and Scion service centers and dealerships are located. He runs
his businesses at the expense of the residential neighbors he abuts and
on the backs of his workers.

He may imagine himself the king of his commercial domain and his
neighbors, his serfs subjecting them at the service center for the past
10 years to hours of operation beginning with daily set-up as early as
4:00a.m.and lasting until as late as 11:00p.m.

During those hours the neighborhood is bombarded with incessant noise
from power tools, car alarms, paging systems, horns, etc. through open
bay doors and in his unmarked parking areas and with exhaust fumes from
an improperly ventilated building.

Additionally, there is an excess of cars far above the capacity of his
facility and the number allowed under his Certificate of Occupancy;
there is no designated customer or employee parking; deliveries take
place out in the open beginning at 5:15 a.m. and continuing through the
day while the loading dock remains unused; there is a clear view of the
operation from the neighboring homes where required screening proved to
be an inconvenience.

Though he may be a ”king” for the day, Mr. Koufakis is not above the
law and the city agencies charged with enforcement, who also service
and purchase their fleet vehicles from him MUST make him comply with
all applicable provisions of his Certificate of Occupancy, the Zoning
Resolution, Administrative Code, etc.

The Station Road Civic Association was founded in 2005 primarily for
the purpose of bringing Star Nissan/Toyota/Scion into compliance with
all of the above items. It has been a continual battle over the last 10
years. It is time to bring this issue to a positive and lawful
conclusion for the neighborhood.

Rhea O’Gorman
President, Station Road Civic Association


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