Nov 02 2011

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Organization Hosts Bloomberg In Flushing, Local Pols Feeling Snubbed

Mike Bloomberg snubs local elects at a Town Hall Meeting. Toby Stavisky is angry over having to crash the party. Mayor thinks LIE is too bumpy, sick of paying outrageous Midtown Tunnel toll.

Mayor Bloomberg visits Flushing for a Town Hall Meeting but neglected to invite local elects.

When the Mayor climbs down from his Ivory Tower it is customary in politics to inform the local elects. Not doing so is bad form, considered a snub even. Anyway it happened. Members of the Korean American Community Foundation organized the event which was billed as a ‘Town Hall Meeting,’ minus the people elected to represent us.

There is some confusion about who hosted the event. Was it the Korean American Community Foundation, as reported by the Times Ledger or was it the Korean American Charity Foundation as reported by City Hall News? Could be a typo.

I suppose the organization, KACF is to bear some of the blame for not sending an email out, as the Mayor’s response implied, however The Times Ledger was there and so was Republican Operative, and former City Council Candidate Kevin Kim. Heard Around Town by City Hall News broke the story, but did not specifically disclose who exactly expressed their dismay over the late invite.

Queens-Politics contacted State Assembly Member Grace Meng who was not formally invited by the Mayor or the KACF and asked how she felt about the event held in her district in Flushing,

“I definitely think there should have been better communication and a formal invitation issued to local elects. It’s important for local elects to be at these meetings because we play an integral link to resolving many of the issues raised.”

Heard Around Town: Several elected officials in Queens are incensed at Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his failure to invite them to a large town hall meeting last Wednesday at the Flushing Library. Assemblywoman Grace Meng, State Sen. Toby Stavisky, Councilman Peter Koo and Councilman Dan Halloran caught wind of the event and crashed it, but then had difficulty finding seats since the first two rows were reserved for members of the Bloomberg administration. “It’s definitely not the normal custom,” said one elected official, of the failure to invite the local lawmakers. They also complained that no one outside the Korean community was invited to the mayor’s appearance in the neighborhood, which in the past have been somewhat infrequent. In an email, a Bloomberg community affairs representative told the officials that Korean American Charities Foundation were responsible for planning the event — and that other ethnic groups would have their own events as well. “They’re going to have to do 137 of these this year if they’re going to hit every ethnic group in Flushing,” quipped another person upset by the perceived snub. A spokesman for the mayor did not return a request for comment.

Bloomy says he’ll work to fix kimchee fines by Rebecca Henley

Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Health Department inspectors: lay off the kimchee.

In a town hall held at the Queens Library’s main branch at 41-17 Main Street in Flushing Wednesday, a member of the Korean American Community Foundation, which hosted the event, said many Korean restaurants are written up for violations because kimchee, a traditional Korean food, must be stored at room temperature.

Kimchee is a popular side dish made with fermented vegetables such as cabbage and radish.

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