Oct 18 2011

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Gang of 6 Approves Disputed Variance, Community Vexed

Michael Feiner, President of the Bayside Hills Civic Association is not happy.

 More Crap coming to Bayside.

After a long drawn out  battle, the Bayside Hills Civic was finally defeated by the Board of Standards and Appeals decision regarding an application for a zoning variance by  controversial developer, Paul Bonfilio.

Residents everywhere are steaming over the decision.

The application made by Denis Forde of Rockchapel Realty, LLC., and architect Paul Bonfillio was approved this afternoon by a vote of 6-0 despite fierce community opposition.

The location, at 50-20 216 Street, in Bayside has been a source of contention for concerned residents that want to preserve the character of their neighborhood by resisting development.

Michael Feiner President of the Bayside Hills Civic said the decision will have unforetold consequences on the shape of the neighborhood.

“They set a precedent today – we’ll have these monstrosities up the gazoo,” declared Feiner who believes that architect, “Paul Bonfilio is in bed with developers.”

No kidding Michael. We’ll try even harder next time -QP

Google Maps location of approved monstrosity.


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