Oct 31 2011

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Dan Halloran Speaks Up For The Neighborhood

“I’ll park every fucking city agency down here for the rest of fucking two years.”  “I’m not fucking joking. Either these doors stay closed, top to bottom, all the fucking time or we’re gonna have a problem! This is the last time we have this conversation!” These comments were the focus of a Daily News article that lost sight of a serious quality of life issue.

An article in the The Daily News tried to pigeon hole Councilman Dan Halloran as “hot-headed.”

Sounds like a case of gotcha journalism. The article published on October 29th titled, ‘Councilman lashes out with curse-filled rant at Queens auto business’ lost sight of a serious quality of life issue behind the clever headline.

The Star Nissan Dealership on 172nd St in Auburndale has been the subject of serious concern at  civic organizations. Residents are fed up with the lack of parking, the screaming car alarms and the pneumatic air drills that pierce your eardrums at 4AM.

The sounds of labor can be refreshing and it’s good to know people are hard at work but it’s also good to be able to get a full night’s sleep.


Dan Halloran tried to negotiate with the dealership on several occasions and last week he had enough of the runaround and lip service.  The Daily News article focused the  story on Dan’s self-described “NY dressing down,” highlighting the demand for an apology for his comments in the first sentence. Elements of the story were arranged in such a way that uninformed readers could get the wrong impression. The article also used an unflattering picture of the Council Member and failed to adequately disclose the frustration of the neighborhood that manifested in Dan’s  colorful language.

Queens-Politics contacted Councilman Dan Halloran who had this to say,

“Star Nissan has abused our neighborhood for ten years, making noise 24/7 and ignoring complaints from neighbors and violations from the City.  Now I’m calling them out, and they have the gall to ask for an apology.  I don’t owe an apology to Star Nissan.  Star Nissan owes an apology to Auburndale.”

Maybe the reporter has never been to Auburndale? Hats off to the Council Member  for speaking his mind on behalf of the silent majority in the neighborhood.



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