Oct 14 2011

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City Hall Report Sparks Revealing Facebook Posts

 An article appearing in City Hall News on Oct. 13th  was the subject of an eccentric online discussion on Facebook regarding  future electoral prospects.

A few notable Queens luminaries took part in the discussion.

 Was it accurate? Was it fair?  

Check out the post by Council Member Peter Vallone in response to the City Hall News article.


















From City Hall News:

The Brothers Vallone Itching To Take On Queens Democratic Machine

Peter, Paul – and Perry?

Three members of the Vallone family, the Queens Democratic political dynasty, are mulling simultaneous runs for office in 2013, according to knowledgeable Queens political sources. And they all could  find themselves in opposition to the Queens Democratic machine.

Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr., who represents a western Queens district, is widely known to be considering a run for Queens borough president. His brother, Paul, ran for the Council in northeast Queens in 2009, and is said to be seriously considering a run again for the seat currently held by Republican Dan Halloran.

Now Perry Vallone, a lesser-known brother who lives in New Jersey and has never run for office before, may be entering the fray.

Perry is considering moving to his brother’s Council district, sources said, in a potential effort to keep the seat in the hands of the same family that has held it since the days of former Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. Currently, Perry works in his father’s lobbying shop across the street from City Hall.

Peter declined to confirm or deny the speculation about his brother running to replace him.

“I haven’t given it a lot of thought yet,” he said. “Figuring out who is going to replace you is kind of like writing your own will.”

Perry did not respond to a request for comment.

Costa Constantinides, a Democratic district leader and aide to Councilman Jim Gennaro who is planning a run for Peter’s seat, said he was ready to take on Perry Vallone or any other challenger who emerged.

“I’m strongly considering my options and if I decide to run, it will be a contest based on who has the best record of helping Astoria,” Constantinides said, referring to Perry’s Jersey roots.

The Vallone family has long had a fraught relationship with leadership of the Queens Democratic Party, ever since the county party did not endorse Peter Vallone, Sr. during his 2001 mayoral run. It’s too early to know who the Queens Democratic Party will back in 2013, but it’s unlikely to be any of the Vallones.

“We’ve run with county backing and without it,” Peter said. “You’d always rather run with it, but clearly we make our own decisions in the Vallone family.”

Peter’s likely run for Queens borough president could pit him against southeast Queens Councilman Leroy Comrie, who is close to the Queens party leadership. Other rumored candidates include State Sen. Jose Peralta and ex-Councilwoman Melinda Katz.

In northeast Queens, Paul Vallone and Jerry Iannece faced off in a 2009 Democratic primary. Iannece got the nod from the Queens Democratic Party, but the two Italian-American candidates split the white vote, allowing Kevin Kim to win the nomination. Kim, in turn, lost to Republican Dan Halloran.

That’s a scenario that Queens Democrats would surely like to avoid in 2013. But Iannece confirmed he is seriously looking at running again. While Paul Vallone did not respond to requests for comment, Peter confirmed his brother’s strong interest in running.

Enough bad blood remains from 2009 that the sides are already taking on-the-record shots at one another.

“Eighteenth time is the charm,” Peter said of Iannece’s several previous runs for office. “I’ve lost count.”

“I really think you should have to earn things and not have them handed to you,” Iannece retorted. “I don’t believe in dynasties.”


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