Oct 06 2011

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Bitter End Seen For Congressman Meeks

Congressman Meeks could be replaced. Insiders say he was on his way out the door anyway.

Representative Greg Meeks of the 6th District implodes over sweetheart deal and politicos everywhere want to know who boss Crowley will choose as his successor.

How the mighty have fallen. Congressman Meeks received a fugazzy ‘loan’ of $40,000 from Edul Ahmad, who was subsequently arrested in 2011 for participating in a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Ahmad is also alleged to have business ties to narco-trafficing, prostitution, and gun running, according to an inside source. Ahmad made an unsecured personal loan to Rep. Meeks that was repaid only after Meeks’ finances came under scrutiny by the FBI, according to National Legal and Policy Center.

The meat of this story is whom will Crowley choose to replace him? No, he hasn’t stepped down, but to some Democrats, he’s on the slippery slope.

According to the NY Post, the Queens Democratic boss allegedly held a meeting at the Guy R. Brewer Democratic Club to discuss Meeks replacement assuming that Ahmad will squeal to the FBI about Meek’s questionable financial deals. This would be the tipping point, in what some say is “a career of corruption and graft of serious magnitude.”

While Crowley denies ever stepping foot inside the club, political insiders are drawing their own conclusions. Council Member Leroy Comrie? Or maybe State Senator Malcolm Smith? If Mr. Smith goes to Washington, the report says Comrie will go to state senate. What about the council seat? Comrie is a masterful fundraiser and is well respected in political circles. I just can’t see him traveling back and forth to Albany. Oh and by the way, no one has ruled out an insurgent candidate, or two. What do you think?

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